Why Choose Artificial Flowers?

Over the last couple of decades, artificial flowers, silk flowers and especially silk wedding arrangements have garnered a pretty negative response. Many prefer fresh, and real, flowers, but in reality nobody can give a real answer as to why artificial flowers for weddings are so stigmatised. However, this is rapidly changing, with more and more people choosing silk flowers and seeing the true benefits of having flowers to keep long after the special day, be it wedding or other ceremony, has finished. The truth is, artificial flower arrangements have many more pros than cons, and probably more pros than real flower arrangements can boast!

Never Die

Weddings in particular tend to provide nostalgia around items kept from the day. The photo album, favours, little keepsakes, etc. But what about your flowers? They play such a huge role in the day and yet traditionally don’t last long. This is not the case with silk flowers, which can be kept forever, with little upkeep. Not only that but they can help to create an impressive feature in your home, a talking point and a great memory servant.


Here at Flowers For Keeps, we can provide an affordable, bespoke service that is tailored to your exact specification. If you’re already set on what you want for your special day then let us create it! If you need some help from us on which way to lean then we’re here to make choosing easy. Compared to real flowers, artificial flowers can be excellent value for money, often cheaper at the point of sale but especially so when the longevity is considered. Artificial flowers for weddings can be a huge money saver for an otherwise expensive day!

Free of Allergens 

Pollen allergies are amongst the most commonly suffered. One of the worst experiences on your wedding day is to discover that your freshly prepared wedding flowers are making your eyes water and your make-up run! With artificial flowers for weddings, there is no such issue!


Our bespoke service ensures that you get the flowers that you want for your wedding day. Contact us today to begin planning your dream wedding arrangements!

Artificial Flowers For Weddings

With the advantages above just a few of the benefits for choosing silk flowers over real flowers for your next big event, Flowers For Keeps hopes you will keep us in mind to provide our unique and friendly service to help you enjoy your arrangements not just on the day, but forever!